Oh the About Me section. How I love these. (Ok perhaps that was a little unnecessary sarcasm) but I hope that I will keep this blog up and if you choose to read on you’ll probably find lots of unnecessary sarcasm throughout the posts.

Considering I find that I change a lot, I will give you a little insight into who I have been and who I am now and hopefully I will actually keep this page updated so you’ll know me as I keep writing, but don’t hold your breath on that last one.

I was born and raised in the backwoods of Texas. Haha, just kidding. Well, the Texas part is true but it was in Houston, not so much the backwoods (to be honest I don’t do well outside of cities). After spending my formative years in the great Lone Star state and becoming a somewhat radical feminist at a rather young age, I wandered my way up to an all women’s college in the middle of nowhere Massachusetts. This time I am serious, it really was the middle of nowhere (at least it seemed so to a little city girl like me). It was a unique experience to say the least, I have a very intense love/hate relationship with that part of the world and while I have much more love for it now that I’m gone, I can’t say I miss it enough to want to go back permanently. So while I did get quite the education, let me tell you a Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Philosophy will get you nowhere trying to pay the bills. Those majors should come with a disclaimer: Need advanced degree to get a job. Will be living out of a box if grad school plans not in the immediate future.

So after graduation I floundered a bit with random odd jobs and then ended up teaching in the public schools, still in the middle of nowhere mass, for a year. And while I adored my children (I taught high school which is why I loved them, I’m not sure it would’ve worked out if they had been any younger), my administration and I had a little (ok, a big) falling out and so I ventured off to explore the magnificent field that is IT. (Clearly I like hyperbole… a lot.) In my endeavours to break into the IT field I was recruited by an offshoring firm and schlepped off to India for six months of training and then came back to the States and was working in Connecticut for a while, which brings us to where I am now…

Currently, I am in my twenties working in IT consulting in Chicago. I’m also going to graduate school for Computer Science because after playing around in the field for almost 2 years I decided I’d like to dedicate a little bit more of my life to it. So I currently fill my time with work, school, soccer, ballroom dance, biking, crew and I am trying to fit in my two most favourite volunteering activities: the local no-kill animal shelter and the anti-hunger pantry. Unfortunately my schedule is a bit crazy so quite often the crew and volunteering activities are overlooked in favor of sleep. Sad but true. However, I do fit in volunteering when I can, like having “story-time” with kids at local libraries.

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