The Heels & Public Transportation Dilemma

So just this morning I decided to wear heels to work, which I have been protesting for several months partially because of the snow but more so because it is really quite difficult to stand on the bus/train in heels. It’s not the most pleasant feeling for your feet. What really irritates me are men (or boys, whatever you want to call them) who will jump in in front of you just to be able to get the one available seat. Seriously, you can see me walking into the train in heels but you are going to race me for the one available seat? How does that make sense? Also whatever happened to chivalry. Does it only exist in Texas? I know for a fact when I go back home that men will open doors and offer a seat to a lady before they would ever dream of rushing in to take a seat themselves. So, now that I don’t live in Texas, it is always a debate in the morning, do I want to wear heels and risk having to stand for 30mins in a train or a bus just to get to work. Because let’s face it if I’m going to wear heels to the office I’m not going to change into them, I’d have to start and end the day with them. It’d be a shame to only wear them in the office. And so the perpetual dilemma fashion over practicality? I mean as much as I love my dress flats/ballet flats, they just don’t have the same elegance of a beautiful pair of heels. But I also like my feet to not want to kill me by the end of the day… or even the morning after one of those train rides.