Budgeting Woes

Alright I’ll admit I’m not the best with personal finance. Although I have to say that I used to be amazingly methodical and organized when I was 16. It’s incredible the amount of will-power and personal finance savvy I had for a kid. And then I went to college and somehow went from super-responsible-thrifty-chic to reckless-crazy-spend-thrift. How or why that transition occurred I’m not sure but right now I am not quite a spend-thrift but I am by no means what I would consider to be “thrifty” these days. So I’ve run up against an unexpected expense and lately I have managed to reign in my expenses to something manageable. But I wasn’t expecting my grad school tuition bill for another month so I had decided to splurge and buy myself this slightly expensive but very awesome bike (that I do use quite frequently, so I do not view it as money wasted). It’s just that now I have to pay interest on this bike because the money I was going to use to pay it off is now going to tuition. This bothers me because I just dragged myself out of this miserable hole of debt that I created at the end of my misguided college days that was perpetuated by several moves since then. Moves always bring unnecessary expense. Anyway, I’ve actually been pretty good about saving money and getting myself out of my little hole. So I think if I just buckle down and set myself a small budget for this month I should be ok. I’ve been trying to use Expensr to help me see trends in my spending but I need to add in my credit cards to get a real picture, currently I only have my bank accounts. It’s just taking longer to get organized and create a budget than I wanted. Who knew it took this much effort? I’m sure once I get it set up and figure stuff out it’ll be fine. For now it’s driving me a little nuts. Granted I have only been really gung-ho about being this detailed for like 2 days. Before I just gave myself a set amount of cash and didn’t touch my savings, it’s becoming a little more complex. I guess I’m just deciding to be more proactive about knowing where my money goes.

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