Her Favorite Color is Chrome

Yes, I did steal my title from a country song and no this post is not about cars or trucks or well anything “physical” for that matter. This is about Google’s new browser Chrome. I was extremely excited to check it out and start playing around with it. Unfortunately you can’t download it if your company has a firewall. Now you would think that a company like Google could have made an installer package that didn’t rely completely on the internet and could install without getting information over the network. So that in and of itself is disappointing. But also, I’ve been hearing some not so great things, like a friend has been playing with it for a little over a day now and he said that he can’t get any pages to load and that he keeps getting their version of 404 which is “Aw, snap”. I think that’s pretty sad too and just reading a few reviews the fact that you have to find workarounds already for just normal browsing is a bit disappointing. Not to mention the security breeches that I’ve seen rumor of. I am still excited to download it at home and at least futz around a little bit but I am hoping that my experience will be better than what I have been hearing so far. I suppose we’ll see, I mean I’d like to say my favorite color is chrome but currently, I’m a bit hesitant to even spend any significant time and energy on it (both of which I am short of these days).

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