Hurricane Update from the Family

Well mom is safe and sound and so are all of our family friends from what I can tell. Apparently there is debris all over but no one got hurt and from what I’ve heard none of our circle have had their houses or cars flooded and it has stopped raining. I am very thankful for that piece of news.

On the unfortunate side, from what I’ve heard there is no power in Houston and it probably won’t be coming back for another two weeks. The water is also out for the next 36 hours which sucks but you know when it all comes down to it that’s not so bad. I wish I could be there to help clean up but to be honest I can’t say that I’m sad for missing no a/c in Houston, I can just imagine how miserable that is.

I am so glad to hear that things are ok in Houston. I am also thankful that everything has been so organized in Houston so far.

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