A Little Too Much Sun?

Ok so this will sound silly. At least, I get laughed at a lot by my white friends because of it. But I just recently discovered sunburns. It’s probably my least favourite discovery of *all* time. I mean let’s be honest, how many brown people do you know that burn? I don’t really know any. Well until now and that would be myself.

About 2 weeks ago I was lying out on the beach for a couple of hours when I got my first burn. It was just my nose and cheeks but it was definitely enough to be disconcerting for yours truly over here. Quite frankly, I wasn’t exactly sure what happened except my face was pink and it stung like mad. I mean what is that about? And then this weekend I was in a parade and my shoulders, oh my god, my shoulders. I had no idea that it was this bad. Or that this was even possible. I mean sure I’ve seen people get sunburns. And I had imagined that they don’t look like fun. But the intellectual understanding versus actually getting a burn is a far far far cry. Maybe I’m just a wimp but seriously. Sunburns, not cool. I clearly need to invest in sunblock. Well not only invest but actually remember to put it on. For now I’m off in search of some aloe. and maybe some ice.

Hurricane Update from the Family

Well mom is safe and sound and so are all of our family friends from what I can tell. Apparently there is debris all over but no one got hurt and from what I’ve heard none of our circle have had their houses or cars flooded and it has stopped raining. I am very thankful for that piece of news.

On the unfortunate side, from what I’ve heard there is no power in Houston and it probably won’t be coming back for another two weeks. The water is also out for the next 36 hours which sucks but you know when it all comes down to it that’s not so bad. I wish I could be there to help clean up but to be honest I can’t say that I’m sad for missing no a/c in Houston, I can just imagine how miserable that is.

I am so glad to hear that things are ok in Houston. I am also thankful that everything has been so organized in Houston so far.

Hurricane in Houston

So I haven’t lived in Houston for a long time, a little over 7 years to be more precise and while I still love my home I don’t know that I’ll ever live there again. I’ve never regretted the choice to move away nor have I every truly wished to go back (in a remotely permanent sense)… until I heard about the hurricane. I know this sounds bizarre but it has more to do with the fact that my mother is alone and scared in a boarded up house waiting for this to pass. And I absolutely loathe to see her do it alone. I have never felt bad about making the choice to travel and explore while I am young but I also have never had to seriously worry about my mother. I do feel the occasional pangs of guilt when she complains about her athritis and having trouble with the groceries but she is an amazingly competent woman and I generally have nothing to worry about. The hurricane on the other hand is a huge natural disaster heading straight for my home and what really upsets me is that I cannot even be there just to give her company through the storm. Houston has weathered many storms and I have no doubt this will be just another one. I am fairly confident (and hope I don’t sound overly confident because I’m trying to walk the line between confidence and panic) that nothing will happen and she will be fine and they just won’t have power for a couple of days. But I wish I could have flown down and been there with her. If I weren’t in grad school with finals this Monday and Tuesday, forget flying, I would’ve hauled my butt into my little car and “flown” down there as fast as my dinky car could carry me.

I hope that any others who have family and friends in Houston (or elsewhere in the path of our good friend Ike) are keeping safe and have plenty of water and food to tide them through. From what all the reports tell me it shouldn’t be too bad but let’s face it a few days without power or running water is never any fun. So my very best thoughts and prayers go out to all those in the path of the storm.