Losing Weight in All the Wrong Places

So I don’t know if this happens to anyone else. But I have this huge problem that whenever I begin exercising regularly and actually losing weight the first place it goes from is right under my bust, which just means that my bras, which I already have a hard enough time finding, don’t fit properly anymore. Not only that, it’s irritating because my bras don’t fit right and then my shirts don’t fit right and honestly, I don’t need any more cleavage. In fact, I’d like to *lose* all that extra cleavage. But no, for the life of me losing some a few inches around the bust is nearly impossible and the stomach takes a nice long time to start to tighten up but just above my waist right under my bust I lose weight like it’s my job. Wtf?! Some days, I just wish you could pick which area you were going to lose weight from. That would be stellar. I think I need to go to a specialty bra store. I should just suck it up because this is massively uncomfortable. Then again, I’d have to find a specialty bra store which is a task in and of itself. Who has time for this crap?

2 thoughts on “Losing Weight in All the Wrong Places

  1. Um. I have the opposite problem. In the past, I’ve dropped over 60 lbs and my bust doesn’t budge a centimeter. Mine will probably require surgery as I already couldn’t locate any 44E bras and now cannot locate 38E bras. God forbid I lose anymore weight and have to start shopping at Strippers-R-Us.

  2. I was actually talking about the band not the actual bust-line – I believe we have the same problem. I just discovered I’m a 34H and yes they do make those and you don’t have to shop at Strippers-R-Us I swear, just google “bra fitting” and you should be able to find *something* in your area.

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