When Did Pro-Choice Become Pro-Abortion?

This is something that has bothered me for *years*. I am staunchly pro-choice, does that mean I am going to go have an abortion any time I become pregnant? NO! In fact I have no idea what I would choose to do should I (miraculously) find myself to be pregnant. So I really take issue when people tell me, “Well I’m pro-life but I don’t really care what (other) women do with their bodies, I mean they should discuss it with their doctors and do what they feel is best”. Maybe I’m missing something but last I recall pro-choice meant that you are an advocate of a woman’s right to choose, which is exactly what you said except for the bit about being pro-life. That means that she could choose to keep the baby. That also means that she could choose to have an abortion if she decides that’s the right decision for her. Pro-choice is advocating giving women a choice that is between her and her doctor(s) and whoever else she chooses to include in that decision. It is not saying “Woo hoo! Let’s all go get abortions now!”. So why is it so hard to differentiate this simple concept? Also why is it so hard for our wonderful liberal Democratic party leaders to actually get this message across? I constantly get that well you’re young, you’ll change your mind about being pro-choice when you have a child. And I’m staring back at them slack-jawed because they nearly stated my exact position (minus the “I’m pro-life but” part).

4 thoughts on “When Did Pro-Choice Become Pro-Abortion?

  1. LOL Even you’re missing the real argument, though you’re a bit closer than most people on that abortionists’ side of the argument.

    Pro-choice is really pro-abortion / pro-infanticide because it mean supporting the murder of unborn children. Get it?

    That’s the real argument; is abortion murder or not?

    You’re never going to convince people that it’s a woman’s right to choose to murder her child. Therefor the whole feminist argument in favor of allowing women to choose is worthless because it does not address – or even intersect with – the opposition’s argument.

  2. Actually I believe you are missing the point. The question is about whether we allow the government to regulate how we are able to treat our bodies. It is not the government’s place to be able to dictate whether we can/cannot have a medical procedure.

  3. If you don’t successful address the abortion-is-murder argument then abortion will be considered a medical procedure by many – except in the strictest since of the phrase.

    You will never convince anyone that hiring a doctor to kill an innocent child is an acceptable practice. You have to somehow convince the majority that it isn’t killing a child in the first place.

  4. I believe you are still missing the point. This post is addressing a break in the logic following the statement: I am pro-life but I do not care whether other women choose to have an abortion or not they should be free to have that choice.
    If you logically break apart this argument the statement “I am pro-life” is false. That’s the basic gist of this post and unfortunately bringing the ideology behind whether you think abortion is killing a life or not has no place in this argument.

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