A Memo To Men

I’m going to take a page out of Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo’s “He’s Just Not That Into You” because after a recent night out it made me think that women are not the only ones that need to get the memo. In fact, I’d rather take the female approach and have someone stress out and wait for a phone call from me than to persistently pursue me when I’m not interested. Not all of these scenarios listed are ones that are applicable to my present life, but a few did just come up in the last week. And all of them are things that I have not only personally experienced but also have discussed with several of my friends and we all agree are incredibly annoying to deal with.

She’s just not that into you if…

  • she hasn’t called you back and you’ve called more than once.
  • you texted her more than once and have gotten no response.
  • you met her when she was out with someone else and she’s not calling you back.
  • she told you she is seeing someone.
  • she’s busy every time you want to go out.
  • she calls/chats online all the time but can’t make time to see you in person.
  • she goes home with you but doesn’t give you her phone number in the morning. (Yes, girls do this, too).
  • she won’t say yes when you ask her to marry you and you’ve asked multiple times.
  • she doesn’t want you to meet her friends.

I know girls can play hard to get. It’s true, we all do it at some point but seriously, stop calling. If we like you, I promise we’ll call you back. Yes, persistence can be a good thing. But calling every day when we aren’t responding back is just annoying.

Also as a good feminist, if I like someone, I don’t need you to ask me out. Yes it is always nice to have someone else ask you out because that whole pressure of rejection is taken away from you but honestly, not necessary. If I’m really interested, I’ll ask you out (which I realize may not be true for all women but I promise they will drop enough leading hints for you to get it). I have more faith in both men and women than both Greg and Liz, if you really like the person it doesn’t matter who asks whom out, you’ll be fine in the long run.

And let’s face it, we don’t need some arcane rules to tell us how we should be dating. In fact, we don’t need people to tell us how to “snag that girl/guy of your dreams”. Use some common sense. Treat the person you want to date the way you’d like to be treated, I think that’s a good cardinal rule. For example:

  • Would you want someone to call you every day for a week if you weren’t interested?
    No. Then don’t do it to someone else!
  • Would you want someone to ignore you and talk to their friends that happened to pass by when you’re on a date with them?
    No. Then don’t do it to someone else!

It’s amazing what a little common sense can do in the dating arena. Now if all you’re looking to do is hook up then obviously none of these things matter. But I promise calling every day will just make you look pathetic. Don’t do it. No one wants to sleep with someone whose desperate.

3 thoughts on “A Memo To Men

  1. It’s like you read my mind! But then again, just to play devil’s advocate, wouldn’t it be better if we just called the person back and said we weren’t interested? Or sad “I know this hurts but I’m never going to marry you”…

    Not that I’d do either of those things. I barely can manage to call my closest friends up to say howdy – let alone break up with someone.

  2. Also – I think guys should stop helping girls put on their coats. It just makes it more awkward (likewise for pulling out chairs)…Later when alone, I fully accept in taking said coat off…but I am perfectly capable of putting it on myself.

  3. Ok, I’ll admit it is a bit awkward but I actually think it’s kind of sweet. I like having doors opened and my coat taken off and all those little things. In fact, that’s the one thing I find difficult about dating women is that I’d really like someone to do that for me but I feel weird about it being a girl.

    Also in response to your other comment, yes it would be so much easier if we just said we weren’t interested but then we wouldn’t be women would we? That and I still don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out if she isn’t calling you back that she really just isn’t interested. I mean, not a difficult concept, really.

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