So since I keep freaking myself out when left alone with too much time on my hands, I decided to play along with this meme that D has up.

Also, I’ll be honest the whole music in memes is really hard because my musical tastes change… ALL THE TIME. I mean seriously people, how do you pick a favourite song… of ever? I can’t. So you know, you get the song I’m listening to. And the artists I currently listen to most frequently.

And since everyone else seems to be commenting on their own, I guess I’ll comment on mine too. Sometimes I love my handwriting and other days I think it is messy and ridiculous. Today, I think it’s ok, it’s like it’s trying to hold itself together but is wavering a bit… just like me! har har har.
(click to see giant size!)

A Sad Farewell To A Real Innovator

Whatever one might say about Michael Jackson, no one can deny that the man was extremely talented and changed the face of music. I do not believe the world has seen such genius in ages. He changed the entire shape of how popular music was viewed and what performers were expected to do. And he began his magnificent career at the age of 5.

People have speculated for a long time about how messed up he was and all the drama surrounding children but this is a man that was in the spotlight from a very small age. And not just one of those one-hit wonders or children in commercials etc, this is someone who was literally a huge star – comparable to Mozart in my opnion, simply due to the age and the type of change he created – from the age 5 onwards. I think to expect perfection in our celebrities/public figures is a bit much considering humans are inherently flawed. I think the loss of Michael Jackson is the loss of someone truly remarkable. It’s always a sad day when that happens. I surely hope that people will remember him for the innovative genius that he was and not the drama that surrounded his later life.

Internal Jukebox

This is a bit random but it’s something I noticed yesterday. I had always been a bit jealous of people that seem to just have this little internal jukebox. For some reason, I’ve always had a good number of friends that are always bopping along to some song or other without the help of any headphones or anything. And just yesterday I noticed myself bopping along at work and on the train, somehow (and perhaps it’s due to the fact that I take so much public transportation that I’m always bopping along to my ipod) I no longer need real music. There’s continually some sort of song just playing in my head and sometimes I can’t recognize it but most of the time it’s like I have my own little database of music. It’s royally bizarre but in a good way. Going back to bopping along to my internal jukebox at work.