Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

So I’ve decided experiments on your own body are a horrible idea. So if you recall I started the pill about 3 months ago and I thought I was getting better somewhere around the beginning of month 2. I take that all back. I have been horribly depressed and crying pretty much all the time. For no reason whatsoever. Clearly I should be better at observing this but I’m pretty convinced that this is just not working out for me. I’ve given it 4 months and if going through a little stress called moving is enough to have me have an all out nervous breakdown it’s not ok. And I just started crying because I can’t turn off the fan. No, I’m not joking. I really did start crying because I couldn’t turn off the fan and I’m cold. Not that you know, I couldn’t just get a blanket or put on a sweater. But no, crying because I couldn’t turn off the fan. Clearly the world is ending. I really understand what D was talking about now because I feel miserable. And I have felt like this for way too long in a really unhealthy way. There has to be a better solution. I just wish that not every solution takes 3 months to figure out. I mean seriously?

2 thoughts on “Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

  1. Ugh, I am so sorry. It’s horrible isn’t it? And it’s so ridiculous – I used to know I was acting like a loony but I couldn’t control it. get off of it ASAP.

    Although be ware of a few more months of crazy. each period I get a little bit better but things are still wonky.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I will keep that in mind and ironically I got off it the day before you posted this 😉 Apparently we are both on the same page.

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