Post-Surgery Breast Reduction: Day 87

So it’s been a while. Nearly three months and things are drastically different now. Since the last time I took photos things have taken a great turn for the best. My scars are healing really well. I’m pretty thrilled with the way everything is going right now. There’s definitely still some healing left to do but the progress has been just remarkable. Especially considering where I started. I feel that documenting this is helpful not just for me but for anyone considering the surgery. Now remember, I got an infection which made my healing time longer than normal. But at least here you can see what you can expect, which I wish I had been able to see somewhere because it can be rough to wrap your head around all the changes.


I think my right side is healing up quite well. Actually I think they are both healing up really well, what’s deceiving about this situation is that while you don’t have any open wounds anymore there is still a lot of healing going on under the surface that you can’t see. But overall I feel pretty good about the way things are going. I turned the corner sometime in March, I can’t really identify exactly when it happened. But it was amazing, it was like one day things just turned around and everything starts healing rapidly. My doctor had said this to me and after a while I was convinced he was lying but now I see where he was coming from. He said it’s like pushing a boulder up a hill and once you get to the top it just rolls down the other side. So I finally got to the top of the hill, thankfully, and am now on the other side. There’s still a good amount of healing to be done. The nerves aren’t as confused as they were before but there are definitely still moments where wires get crossed.

right breast day 87

It’s amazing how quickly this has all started healing up since my last post. I still had open wounds and barely pink skin and now all of that is gone. And the scars are starting to fade. It doesn’t look quite as good in these pictures (someone took them upside down, love her but not always the best photographer). But things are starting to look pretty good to me. I’ll post in another week because every day the healing is INCREDIBLE. I can’t even explain how quickly things seem to have turned around.

left breast day 87

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